Pastor's Bio

Elder Brian K. Schaeffer was born to George and Edna Schaeffer on April 26, 1964 in Memphis, Tennessee. At an early age he began to be spoken to by the Lord on destiny and purpose. Though his surroundings had as its offering despair, discouragement, despondency and death, through the guidance of the Lord and a strong mother who always told him he could be anything he wanted to be; diligence, determination, devotion and destiny has won out.

Childhood illnesses caused many to think he would and should be dead but through the intervention of a God who can say no to justice, he has survived to serve destiny and purpose Called into ministry at a young age, Elder Schaeffer ministered his first sermon at age eleven but allowed the pressures of this current world to sidetrack his ministry. At age 34 he rededicated his life to his first love; God almighty and reaccepted his call into the ministry. He was licensed to minister the gospel under Dr. Herman Crockett, Jr. the 1st Admin Assistant to Virginia 4th Jurisdictional Bishop; he was ordained 15 months later which was unheard. As Elder Schaeffer marched in the ordination processional the late Bishop Levi Willis, Sr., spoke words that he didn't use for the other 25 candidates, when he saw Elder Schaeffer, tears flowed from his eyes, his voice broke and he said "Anointed".

That has been seen as a word from the Holy Spirit as the entire year prior to this event the Lord had been dealing with Elder Schaeffer about how he would be used in the ministry. Another solidifying event was 8 months prior while in Florida the Pastor of a church that he and his family were visiting was conducting an alter call for watch night services. The Lord had lead the Pastor to have members bring towels which he poured oil on, prayed and prophesied over. As he poured oil, it collected on the floor and an usher brought him a large towel which he used to clean his hands and the floor. Elder Schaeffer had just told his wife I don't have a towel, the Lord spoke and told him to ask for the large towel.

He then got into the prayer line at the very end and shocked the Pastor who said where is your towel, by responding that he wanted the towel used to wipe up the other oil. The Pastor's voice broke as he said that this upcoming year will be a shift in how the Lord used Elder Schaeffer who at the time didn't know he had been selected to be ordained less than 6 month after being licensed.

The Lord then shifted him in 2005, and he was moved from Virginia back to the area of his birth and upbringing less than three hours from home to Little Rock, AR. The Lord then brought him closer to home; Blytheville, AR. The Lord spoke to him and his wife in mid-2010 to establish Interceding the radiobroadcast which at its roots was Aspire ministries. Experiencing unprecedented growth in the broadcast, in January of 2011 the Lord told him and wife the time was now to establish Interceding Christian Center.

Elder Schaeffer is married to the former Ethel (Tina) L. Boston of West Memphis and they have 4 children Michael, Kelvin, Kendrick and Viola. He spent 23 years in the Army and during that time was overseas more than ten years, serving in various assignments and rising to the upper ranks while receiving numerous awards. Elder Schaeffer retired in 2005 and during his tenure he attained a BS degree in Business Management from Virginia State University, An MBA from Touro University and other certificates. His battle cry is that God be glorified as he is "Aspiring to bring God's people into spiritual knowledge and victory".

Pastor's wife

Teacher Tina Schaeffer was born on February 16th to Solomon Boston Jr. and Virginia McKenzie in West Memphis, Arkansas. Sister Schaeffer has always had many gifts as given by the Lord but one of her most moving experiences came in 1991 when the Lord spoke out of scripture to her a scripture she was not familiar with, a scripture of purity that has guided her life to this day. "Touch not the unclean ..." This scripture found in 2 Corinthians 6:17 acknowledged that she had been set aside for the work of the Lord and in order to be used by God she had to abstain from things that would separate God from her life.

Sister Schaeffer awoke several years back and acknowledged that she had been stagnant. She aspired to grow but realized she didn't have a human teacher who was equipped to provide the training she so sought to grow. After diligently seeking the Lord and counsel of those she knew to be saved, she settled upon studying Pastor Kenneth Hagin and his life works. In his works the Holy Spirit moved her to a place of limitless possibilities. Through his works she learned and knew she had share her experiences with others to stimulate their growth.

One question that remained was why is there not healing in today's church? This was answered when the Lord pressed upon her to study the works of the Holy Spirit. Rushing forth came the revelation that there is no power and without power there is no healing. Further revealed is that belief is the vehicle in which power rides. So, with belief being translated into faith and teaching opening the path for faith to flow, she was overjoyed when the Lord called her Husband into Pastoring.

Sister Schaeffer is married to Elder Brian K. Schaeffer and together they have four children. Three Sons and a daughter, the three boys are in the U.S. Army and the daughter is well on her way to being a Rhodes Scholar. Sister Schaeffer has an MBA in accounting.

About Us

Have you felt as if your life was spiraling out of control? Are you looking for a place where you can grow? Does life make no sense to you? If you died today where would you spend eternity? Are you confused about the Bible and desire to learn more? Well Interceding Christian Center (ICC) is the place for you! We are a new ministry that will change how you view church. Church is not a place where the main event is a fashion show, it is not a place of torment, backbiting, or a theater.


Vision Statement

Interceding Christian Center has a God given desire to minister to people at whatever level of spiritual growth they may be at and to labor with them to bring them to full spiritual maturity. Restoration of the fellowship is our primary focus. We strive to first seek out the lost persuading them to accept Jesus, nurture babes in Christ with the ultimate goal of transforming them into disciple builders equipped to carry out the great commission.


Statement of Faith!

What We Know Concerning the Bible

We know the Bible to be the inspired and infallible written word of God

What We Know Concerning God

We know there is one God, eternally existent in three persons, God the

Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.